Poppler was the nickname I had for my dad as a little girl.  I always thought he was  a big goof and that name fit.  He was a myriad of interesting things all wrapped up in a strong body and mind.  


My dad has had a tough life, not unlike many kids growing up in the late 30s and 40s.  He was only 5 years old when a house fire claimed the life of his loving mother.  It was after that his father determined that he was unable to care for my father and his 3 sisters (two older and one younger).  They were then sent to live in the local Childrens' Home.  His oldest sister was adopted, which left my dad and his other two sisters to form a strong bond growing up.  My father speaks of this time, not with immense sadness, but with memories of living and learning about life and learning to become strong in mind and body.  My father found his passion and talent was in athletics - he still holds records at his local high school as a four sports student.   


He then moved on to the Navy after graduation.  While in the Navy, he had to rely on his strength of mind and body after a leg wound left him in the VA hospital for a lengthy recovery.   It was there where he met a nurse who later became his wife and my mother.  


Now it's years later and mom passed from cancer 2 years ago.  My father still relies on his inner and outer strength to carry on and live life with passion.  He is almost 80, but still looks in his 60s and is still very active.


I am so proud to honor my dad this fathers' day and wish him the best always.  I now know that Poppler probably always meanth Poplar - as strong as the tree with his roots firmly planted.  Love you dad!

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