My father is an amazing man. When he was young, there was an accident at the mill he worked at and one of his fingers was cut so bad, it was hanging on by a piece  of skin barely 2 cm wide. After that, the doctor reattached it and the healing and rehab process started. He worked as a truck driver after that to take care of our family.

In1970, the coal mines around home started hiring and my dad went to work in the mine where he put in 30 years. While working in the mines, dad's back was destroyed. He needed to have half of his spine replaced.

During all of this, our family was growing and my mother's health began to deteriorate. Mom ended up in a wheelchair and on oxygen, needing constant care. Other than the times she ended up hospitalized, Dad took care of Mom at home.

I needed to escape from a violent husband who tried to kill me several times and who threw a hatchet at my youngest child. I ended up in the hospital longer than he stayed in jail. 

While I was hiding out in the area I'm from, my parents told me that they wanted to move to Kentucky. My parents met when they were both stationed at Ft. Knox and my father always said that when he retired from work, he wanted to move back there. After he retired for the third time from one of his jobs, it was time to go. 

Away we go to Kentucky, finally finding a beautiful house that was remodeled into a duplex. My parents and my wounder warrior brother took the bottom level where it would be easier for my mother's wheelchair to be wheeled in and out and with a patio outside where they could enjoy the great outdoors. 

My children and I moved in upstairs where we could help with Mom whenever we were needed. We've worked as a team through everything including my mother's death.

My father is still going strong after battling two types of cancer and losing his wife 11 days before their 50th anniversary. He has taught me patience, perserverence, and faith and I thank God every day for the parents he blessed me with.


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