My dad has led a good, active life.  He rode horses, motorcycles, didn't drink or smoke, worked hard to support his family and loved wife and three kids.  Several years ago was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, but he didn't let it slow him down much.  Then came mitral valve prolapse, and he had to undergo valve replacement surgery.  Afterward he spent some time in rehab, but continued to have trouble with balance and walking, and he ended up having to use a walker.  Some time after that, he broke his hip.  After surgery to repair the hip, he went back into rehab.  He has never been able to walk again, and will probably have to be in the nursing home for the rest of his life.  It really hurts seeing this once strong 6'2" man confined to a wheelchair.  Inside, he's the same strong man, and he's still my hero.

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