My Dad just turned 81 this past April. When he was 9 years old he and my grandmother came over from Germany.  It was hard for him as he did not speak English and was not very outgoing.  However, he persevered and eventually moved to Atlanta and attended Grady High School and Grace Methodist Church downtown where he met my mother.  He started working for Georgia Power Company as a Co-Op student at Georgia Tech.


He started with GA Power in 1955 working for a quarter then going back to GA Tech for a quarter.  Eventually, after marrying my mother & having two kids he graduated GA Tech and went full time with GA Power.  Fast forward many, many years.  Last year (2015) my father celebrated 60 years with Georgia Power!  He is the only employee to ever have worked there that long and in addition he had 60 years of safety with them.  He still continues to work full time a year later.  Every night when he gets home he either is working in his yard, which is a real showpiece or he is working downstairs in his workshop or fixing watches & clocks.  He also square dances every weekend and assists with maintenance at their church every Saturday morning.  My father is the original Energizer Bunny!  He definately deserves a break as he is constantly going and doing something.  He is our family's fix it man for sure!  We appreciate his loyalty, stamina and wisdom.  I can only hope that I will be as active and lead as full a life as he does now at 81.

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