My father has always been my closest friend, my protector and best example of what loyalty really is...My mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease in July of 1996.  That began what was one of the most challenging times (8 1/2 years) of our lives.  My father has always been a hero in my eyes, but during my mother's illness, my daughter's view of his hero status was elevated to, what in reality is so rare and so precious, a very good, kind and loyal man. His devotion to my mother and his day-to-day care for her was what love stories are (or should be) about.  She passed away 12 years ago, but he still misses her, and so do I.  He is 96 years old this month, and he is still my protector and best friend.  I don't know anyone of my friends who have had a loving father that compares to my Dad, but I wish everyone could! Together we face life's joys and challenges.  I am so appreciative that I still have his company and advice.  Having a good father to provide guidance is like having a big umbrella of protection from the storms of life.  I am so blessed to still have mine!

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