My Dad is a great Dad and here's why.  While my sisters and I were growing up he worked 2 jobs to ensure we had all the necessitites and niceties we needed and wanted.  He took us to Church and gave us a great foundation of faith and belief in God. He studies his bible throughout the day and lives what he reads.We took trips to visit all his siblings and there were many each summer.  He taught me how to drive (LOL) and he was always there for us.


Today, at 83 years of age he cares for our mother who's had Alzheimer's disease for over 15 years.  We help out as much as we can and we have some services but he is the one who's there with Mom each day.  They're still living in their own home, he prepares her breakfast each day, feeds her dinner and takes her out on the deck and sits in the sun laughing and talking to her about everything. 


My Father has demonstrated love to his wife, children and grandchildren and his community in action not words alone.  The bible tells us to be doers of the Word and not hearers only.  That's my Dad!

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