I believe my husband Marion but lovingly known by family as Pete deserves this award is that he has çontributed so much in life and asks for so little. He immigrated from Poland with his parents and siblings after being interred in a work camp during WW2. After being liberated by the Americans, they decided to restart their life in the US after getting sponsored. First starting off in North Carolina but later making a home in Buffalo,NY. Wanting to give back to his country, my husband who I have been married to for 53 years and share an August 15 birthday with served during the Korean War where he was stationed in Japan where he was an Army Ranger. Afterwards he spent time protecting dignitaries as part of the Honor Guard. After his discharge, we married and had our son 3 years later who was born during our year in California before moving back to our hometown of Buffalo,NY. After his retirement as a machinist due to disability, he now spends his time making his late mother's homemade cabbage recipe for family and friends and likes to bet on the occasional horse race. He loves being "Uncle Pete" to baby sit his many nieces,nephews, and godchildren. He truly is a special man. Thank you for your consideration and a Happy Father's Day to you and all the entrants.

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