My father turned his wings toward Heaven last August, 2015, but left lifetimes of legacy that continues today.

At 87, my dad was never without a smile, a kind word or a gentle hug. His five great-grandchildren attests to his kindness each day and remembers his strenght, his ability to help others, and his loving arms that wrapped around them. For his two children, one son and one daughter, we carry on his legacy by remembering his words to his family as one of the most positive and strenghting men we have ever met. We observe his Bible reading of Christ's birth before we ate every Christmas Eve; we continue to assist those he cared so much for; and as a teacher and a two-time Korean veteran, we proudly continue to honor him with his own words of contant encouragement, of abiding love and honor of country. His legacy will forever be passed down to generations who know and will hear and share those previous traditions he passed to us as a blessed family because he lived a life of caring and of total love.

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