About two years ago, my dear mother fell down the steps on the front porch.  She broke her arm and did some damage to her leg.  She had to stay for awhile in the hospital then moved to a nursing home facility.  My mother is 86 and my dad is 88, so this fall really did a number on both of them.  My dad has needed a knee replacement in both knees now for about 20 yrs but he has been hesitate.  My mom has rheumatoid arthritis and osteopenia and osteo-arthritis all over.  Anyway, my dad stayed with her every day, sitting in a hospital chair and having to walk numerous steps just from the parking lot to her room every day.  But, dad did it and together, they made sure my mom got through it and is at home now.  I know my dad didn't really feel like doing all this caregiving, but he never once complained.  He was there for his wife and has always been.  I think dear ole dad needs a break.  His good deeds have gone over and beyond what was in the job description.  My dad is a real trooper, and yes he has been in the Army before.  I wonder if that's where he learned to be tough.  Dad, you are appreciated, I just wanted to tell you, again.

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