My husband and father is the best towards his adult children and adult step children. He's had a hard life coming up so he is always giving of self because he knows what it feels like to be without. He is giving of his time, resources, and craft; accepting and expecting nothing in return. If any of our adult kids need a helping hand for ANYTHING he is always there. He gives words of advice, encouragement, fixes cars and electical matters, as well as help financially with his limited funds. He is selfless, giving, and kind. He will not allow any one of them to struggle if he can help it.. He deserves a break because no one can ever repay him for what he has done over the years when he was working, or now that he is retired. He's never been on vacation except our honeymoon in Pennsylvania because his funds were limited due to his giving spirit to others. No one knows the sacrifices he has made for family as a whole. God is going to bless him tremendously for his good heart. My husband is one of the best Dad's ever and deserves something nice to happen to him for a change.. A one of a kind guy.
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