I have the priviledge of knowing one of the most caring Fathers I have ever met. Jerry Miles from Pocomoke City Maryland who also happens to be my Fiance'. Jerry has two children and five grandchildren who he loves dearly. Jerry's face lights up with pride whenever anyone mentions his children or grandchildren, he is a proud Father. You can see and feel love when you are around Jerry. Whenever Jerry's children call him for advice, he listens, asks questions and before you know it his kids solve the issue on their own, when they leave, they ask themselves."How did he do that?".  Jerry just recently lost his Mother, I have never seen him so vulnerable, he loved her dearly. Jerry has an older brother and a younger brother and sister, it was always a joke with Jerry's Mom and him about which of her children was #1 child, Jerry's Mom aways said Van, he was the youngest. I think Jerry's Mom knew this kinda knawled at Jerry, he did a lot for his Mom and was close to her. A few days after her passing, Jerry had a voice message from his Mom about a week or so past, the message thanked Jerry for her gift of money from Jerry and she said he was the best son a Mother could ask for.........Jerry was quiet.....it broke my heart ......silence....I thought to myself, who is #1 now? it is you Jerry.

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