Hi! My name is Patricia Knisely and I would like to share the story of My Daddy Joseph Spivey.  My Daddy is the hardest working man I know, but most importantly the best man, daddy and grandfather.  Growing up my daddy worked hard to provide for us by working his 8-5 job and also doing other side jobs so that we could have what we wanted.  But he also taught us the value of honesty and reliability and the true meaning of love.  At age 39 my daddy was diaganosed with Parkinson's Disease.  It was a real struggle for him to accept this and also for the rest of the family.  As the years have passed my daddy has never given up.  He did what he loved, working on cars, driving us around, yardwork, gardening, fishing and playing bluegrass music on his guitar and upright bass.  He used to sing to my girls when they were babies you are my sunshine and to this day they remember all the love that my daddy gave and still gives to them. 


My daddy just turned 65 on June 8th of this year.  He has been battling Parkinson's for 26 years now.  He now cannot work on his cars, do the yardwork, drive or go fishing.  He also cannot play his guitar or bass to the music that he loves.  But there is one thing for sure, even though he cannot do these things anymore he still shows us all the love in the world from where he sits.  He has never given up to this day, he does what he can for us, even if we are just having a bad day and need that pep talk or hug. 


My daddy is my Hero.  He has taught me everything that I know but most importantly never give up.





Patricia Knisely

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