Pop has given a great deal to our world. First of all, he was a vibrant young man who owned his first piece of land at age 15. It was near his parents' home and he was given livestock by his maternal grandfather although he was technically a "town kid."  He had great business ambitions as a young man, but WWII diverted his plans and he became a soldier after high school graduation.

      In 1944, he survived a troop train wreck on his way to camp from basic training. He was called home when his brother was killed later that year and then went to Germany with a new group of soldiers since his unit shipped out while he was away.  While at camp in the south, he drew criticism for speaking out against racial prejudice. We have the letters he wrote to his mother telling about this & how wrong he thought it was!  

      In Europe, he saw combat, challenging times when he was asked to become a foot soldier although he was trained for technical service. He was in the spear-head unit that opened Buckenwald and never could speak of it until his later years in retirement. The atrocities he saw still bring tears.

      When he returned home, he met my mother and knew she was the woman he wanted to be by his side for life.  But an undiagnosed illness threatened his future and kept him in the Veterans Hospital for several years. Finally, when he was released, he married mother and began his own plumbing, electrical, contracting service.  

     For many years he worked hard, purchased a custom built home with nice yard, and became a father of three. Serving his church, his community, and his family brought much fullfillment to my father.  In his small hometown community in the 1960s, the need for a village administrator arose. He had served on the Board of Public Affairs and being devoted to his hometown, became the man for the job.  

       For over 20 years he served, earning the Public Works 7-Hats National Award, helping found the electric cooperative, AMP, now active in numerous states, and oversaw major improvements to the water plant, waste water plant, and fire department of his village that is home base for a major manufacturer of travel trailers, Airstream Inc.  In January, we celebrated Pop's 90th birthday and with joy, we celebrate him again on this coming Father's Day 2016. He continues to work on projects around his home of 60 years.  He goes it alone since the passing of his beloved wife three years ago. 

       A life well-lived is a legacy we should all follow. Pop has set the bar high for civic and human service. We are proud to call him our father! 

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