What is a dad a dad is a gift from God. He works hard to take care of you looks after you makes sure you have all of what you need.Gives up things in life so you can have what you need or want. When he comes home he is tired but some how finds time to spend with you at your games helps you learn to ride your bike. Takes you on a special date to get ice cream or shopping. Works hard to put you through school.My Dad died my first year of high school my brother stepped in he became everything a father should be even when we were young he always looked after me. I have a special memory after our dad just past.Right after came the Father daughter dance came up. I remember feeling really bad because my dad was not there to take me like the rest of the girls. My brothers stepped up dressed up and offered to take me with out even anyone asking him. What a man he gave up his college education for us  and his life as he knew it.My dad did everything from paying the bills to take my mom shopping my brother had to step up and teach her. We all had to step up.Just for before my dad died we had just lost our brother to a accident where he worked.So a dad does not have to be someone who helps creates you just loves you.And my brother did just that so Happy Fathers Day to Fathers who ever you may be where ever you may be..........Heart

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