First I'll start with my dad. It seems to me that my dad only gets roughly 4 to 5 hours of sleep...including weekends. He's a financial advisor for doctors and is up working till the wee hours of the morning. Especially during tax time. It's almost impossible to get him to spend any time with us when we visit. I don't even remember when he has went in a true vacation. My dad is a very hard worker, dedicated, determined, loyal to his career, and his family. I truly believe that my dad deserves some kind of break.
Now to my father-in-law. He works offshore and now he doesn't have a set schedule. He could be out there for 7-30 days come in then have to go right back out working on a rig with hardly any sleep and hard labor type work. For his age I do not know how he does it. It's rough and dangerous work out there. So, I believe he deserves a break as well. He never goes on vacations but if he can he'll go hunting. So, to sum it up they both need a huge break.💜
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