I am a 27 year old that developed a short term memory loss issue this year. It was my mistake due to drinking and my father has reworked his entire life to make sure I am well taken care of and getting all the medical help I need. He has been the best father anyone could ask for and even though I know my road has been hard, my father has gone before me and paved it smooth and straight. He has always been there for me, my entire life even though I lived with my mother and not him. He encouraged me to go for my goals and pushed me to do my best in school and work. He has never let me down and I don't think he ever could. He is still working even in his older age and keeps going strong never really taking time for him self. He deserves this win because he has not had many in his life. He is the one person I have ever really looked up to. Strong, intelligent, passionate these words represent my father. The strongest force in my life and those around him.

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