When I was a child, my father worked very hard, and made an excellent living for myself, my brother and my mother. My mother became very ill, the marriage was strained, and my parents divorced. My father remarried, and had another child - a daughter.  Years passed, and he continued to provide for the family, never missing a workday, never taking a real vacation, just always providing. 


When my sister got a bit older, my then step-mother asked my father for a divorce. The proceeds were long and drawn out, fighting for the custody of my sister (she's much younger than myself and my brother).  After thousands of dollars, my father gave in, and split custody with my stepmother. He lost everything, except our respect. 


He had a heart attack, and survived. He had to change jobs to something different for him, at a much lower income. He lost his house in the divorce. He lost his job, his car - everything. 


This was about 20 years ago. He is 83 years old now. He is retired, and lives alone. He stays home most of the time, and he lives each day in the silence. He cooks and cleans for himself; he sees my sister and her daughter on occasion. I live about 600 miles away, so we only see one another every few years, but we speak fairly often. 


He's had such a long string of bad happenings. It would be so nice to bring a smile of surprise and blessing to his face. 


Thank you for considering him. Dad in 1976Dad in 1976

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