Greetings, I know that this contest maybe for those who fathers are still alive however, I really wanted to weigh in on my father. He passed away Dec.2007. That was the hardest day of my life, for you see my daddy wasn't just a daddy he had become my friend.

Everday, my father would call me just to chat about his day and often times to vent about how my brothers weren't doing something he wanted them to do. Then there was his wife of course my motaher, so I had to be very tactful and not be drawn into the middle of their marital bliss. Dad was a self made man in his own rights. He was determine to provide for his family and he did at any lega land legitimate way he could.He was a man of convicition he meant what he said and he did what he meant.

I remember one time I was about two years old and the way the story went I wanted milk I was banging on the refridgerator door saying milk, milk, milk. My dad got up looked in the refridgerator and there was no milk, he was angry to say the least. My Mom told me he went out and within an hour he had milk bread eggs in orther words food. My dad told my mom that day that I would never ever be that hungry again.And I wasn't.

Yes, my daddy was the man, the man to look up to, the man to seek advice from, the man to know just what to do in any given situation.

He was truly loved and he is truly missed.

I love you Daddy! R.I.P

Mrs. Catherine Cooper

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