Hi My name is Ms. Toby Lapin. I turned 65 on Janurary 9th. At first I thought! ugh! older but not wiser or better! 😞 Then I realized as people say, it is just a state of mind, your age. You only feel as old as you act! So by maintaining a young, positive, upbeat, good outlook I will vow to stay "young"!

Also, despite medical and financial problems my husband and I have, to keep a sense of humour, stay positive and most important look to see where and how you can help others who perhaps are in as much or more need than you! :), instead of having a pity party!! these are my new guidelines for 2015, of course a lottery winning of sizeable proportions would not hurt. But along with paying badly needed overdue bills etc. I would look to pay it forward. I would make my good fortune someone else's too. 🙂 Selfless should always outweigh selfish! You feel so much better about yourself in the end!!

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