i'm starting this year with  colon surgery each day is a blessing, my goal this year is to  recover and inspire and help  as many people as i can and live each day to the fullest !  i want to laugh and sing and travel and meet as many people as i can  and enjoy life ! 


Each day is a blessing and I'm happy to learn you're going to be living it to the fullest.


I wish you well on your recovery after surgery.  I've also had my share of colon operations.



Treat and  live everyday as fulllty as you can !

May God wrap His loving, healing arms around you as you face your surgery! I will keep you in my prayers! God is Good!!


God Bless & Best Wishes,



I want to be thankful more. Listening more and give to everyone not just family and friends. Let others see Jesus in me. Sharing is caring.
JESUS is here SAtann the SNAKE. Has LOST let it keep raining DAYLIGHT sign of NEW DAY. New World. Truth in me and NO other you will SEE Kingdom of HEAVEN JESUS will show his FACE🌇
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