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AARP Travel Trip Planner Won't Work for Multiple Destinations - ZERO Stars


After having wasted nearly a half hour attempting to explain the problem with Expedia's application utilized by AARP to both AARP and Expedia, it's clear it won't do what it's supposed to do, or at least the way it's being marketed by AARP. 


Here's the problem, the only option to start a "Saved Trip" on the AARP Travel page is to pick a single destination. That's it, you're allowed one and only one destination. Forget it if you're going on a road trip, like I'm planning, visiting many popular destinations during a 10 day vacation with my son, staying at a different location each and every night. However, if I were to input Grand Canyon as a destination, with a trip duration of 10 days, Grand Canyon appears on each of the 10 days of the Saved Trip (even though I'll be there on Day 1 only). Likewise if I were to pick Yellowstone National Park, it appears on each of the 10 days' header, which is really not where I'll be, with the exception of 3 days and 2 nights, again staying at 2 different places within the Park. 


I would like to be able to change the title of each day's ultimate destination, which is actually very easy to code, just apparently wasn't thought about by anyone at Expedia or AARP (or tested properly). Even AARP has a Trip Planner option for traveling with family, which shows a packed up car that appears to be going on a road trip! Well, nice thought, bad execution. It won't work for that. 


I wanted to see what AARP discounts were along the way, and it really doesn't function properly, because no one at Expedia expected anyone at AARP to take a road trip with multiple destinations. I guess the only way to accomplish this is to create 10 separate Saved Trips within AARP, one for each day, if I wanted the title heading to show any destination applicable for that day's travels. 


AARP says they don't have anything to do with this function on their website, as it's provided by Expedia. Expedia ways there's no way to do this because they say that one, maybe two destinations, are the maximum amount that a Saved Trip can handle, and then only if you book a Flight and Hotel, not if you book a Rental Car. 


Hmmm... so why was it that AARP shows a family with their bags on top of the car traveling down the road, heading out on vacation, as an option to use the failed Saved Trip planner? Only if you pick one, count it, one destination, and you instantly arrive there the day you leave and instantly arrive home, based on the way the planner header reads. Pretty lame error. 


Oh well, someone at AARP needs to get Expedia on the ball on this, because I can see it's a dismal failure at roll-out, and definitely needs some work. 

@PianoManinSoCal: Thank you for your feedback.  AARP is continuously adding content, features, and functionality to AARP Travel (, one of the enhancements being considered is the ability for travelers such as yourself to save a multi- destination road trip itinerary.  We appreciate your input as well as that of all of our members as it helps steer the future course of AARP.

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