i know what i'm going to do with all that stress

Since God said to cast your cares upon Him, I'm going to

take all the stress and toss it away off my shoulders,

and just follow Jesus my BBF, who knows all things.

I won't Fear anymore, knowing He Loves me because He

is my Father, and He would and has already done everything

for me with His Salvation, Grace and Mercy and Love, above all.

Everyone out there who is sick of being stressed out by the world,

just go to Jesus, the Son of God who Loves to Love you. He's

the Only Way.  Just ask Him if He's there, to show you, and He will....†



Thank you so much for reminding me that I can share or even give all my worries to Jesus. I know that I still have to work at them, but I needed reminding that He will help me with each one. They are not trivial, some require intervention in another's life, but with God's help, We can overcome all.

That's what i had to do give it to God along with trying to eat right, praying, walking, read, and meditate. A lot of this is spiritual attacks of the enemy. But we can overcome this. Realize your activies doing the day. Are you doing to much level things out stop rushing. Give another family member something to do or a  friend. You cant do it all by yourself.


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