•    Hello my name is Linda Gardner and I reside in Michigan,

    The year 2014, was a bad & good year for me ,I lost my only daughter to cancer, I had a heart attack cause by stress,blood clots in both lungs and blood clots in both legs. But thank the lord I am 90% better, I am learning how to be less stressful by doing yoga and walking one hour a day.I am taking one day at a time, watching my weight , cooking light, spending quality time with my family.So far I have lost 45 pounds in three months and will hit my goal of 170 pounds ( I am 5'11 and large frame) by the summer of 2015 I hope to have lost the last of 35 pounds. I am know getting my two grandson into the college of their choice,  (one in Texas and one in California) Wish me luck!
































    one lives Texas and one lives in California

  • travel to Europe

  • call my children more often

  • Over the years, I've developed a sizeable list of charities which I support. Although I donate a significant amount, I'm trying to weed out the ones I've continued to support more out of guilt, than out of passion. I've started the new year by eliminating about a dozen charities from my list, with the goal of reducing another dozen this year, so I can increase my individual contributions to each of the ones remaining.



  • win

  • My New Years Resolution is to be more POSITIVE!


    After being married for 39+ years my former spouse confided he had been having an affair and wanted out of the marriage.  That will be 4 years ago this February.  Since then I have moved 300+ miles to be close to my children - moved from a rural setting into a large metropolitan area - spent 18 months day care providing for my first Grandchild - bought an old house and did a lot of updating myself and have even tried the dating scene a little.


    I found I still often pined for my old life which would put me in the doldrums.  I resolved that this year would be different!  I start my day with a positive thought.  Each time I have a negative thought I come up with 3 positive thoughts to cancel out the negative one.  For example - negative thought - if only "anything" - positive thoughts - I am so very lucky to be so close to my Grandsons - I can do anything I want any time I want - I love my new place.


    So far so good!  Starting each day posting a positive photo and quote on my Facebook page helps a great deal.  I am feeling so much better physically and mentally because of this change in attitude.

  • As a caregiver, I will try to be more patient and understanding.  

  • After attempting several times to quit smoking (44 years), I am 10 days smoke free and really don't even miss it.  In fact, after the last attempt and subsequent failure, my self-esteem plummeted because I internalized the failure.  It became such an unconcious habit to stop and buy two packs ever three days to last a week (I had cut down from a pack a day from all the other attempts) and I challenged myself to follow through this time. 


    Watching my mother and my sister die from COPD and emphysema didn't make me quit, but having my first grandchild two years ago has given me more incentive because I want to see him graduate high school and college.  He is the apple of my eye and I will do whatever is necessary to avoid negatively influencing his health.


    After this is conquered, my intention is to socialize more and work on weight loss/exercise.  At 58, it is time for a change and this is my year of abundance!

  • This is the year I turn 50. So,  my resolution is to make a change. I am going to be happy, as a conscience choice. I am going to help those who are less fortunate than me. 2015 is going to be the year that I beat all my mental issues and rise above the ugliness.  I am going to make this the year that I will be all I can be, and spread the message that we ALL are in this together, so LOVE EACH OTHER!  2015 is going to be the year we all come together and make a difference.Smiley Wink





  • My New Year's Resolution is to start a support group for those who have lost someone to suicide and need to grieve and share their experiences. My Mother took her life due to major depression 18 years ago, so I have first hand knowledge of this devastating tragedy. This would benefit my town and surrounding areas.
  • Still patiently awaiting for my RealPad prize from AARP

  • I will strive to become closer to my maker. I will speak less and listen more to His Word.

  • I do not want a bucket to kick but you can fill it with your good tidings

  • I have been on every diet you can imagine since my parents started me on diet pills at age 12. I have done Atkins, Weight Watchers (when it started in the 60's) Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, Nutralife,and so many others. Then in 1983, I had the miracle surgery done, they reduced the size of my stomach -- ah, but the miracle did not work as planned, I ended up with a staph infection which I still carry, and no one asked what my regular eating habits were like or what habits I had. So having been a vegetarian all my life (I am still vegetarian) that money was a waste also.Through the years I have just accepted my size and began using a mobility scooter in 1993 when my knees would no longer hold my weight. I still use the scooter, but thanks to TOPS and the encouragement that I have found in chapter FL100. I am down under 375 for the first time in many years, losing 15 pounds in 15 weeks. I am so very thankful for TOPS and showing me what to watch in my foods and encouraging me to change my eating habits which were skipping all day and then eating a big meal before bedtime. My next goal will be 10 pounds in the first quarter of 2015. My doctor is being realistic and I am thankful for her too. May God bless each of us and may we all have a good year.

  • My New Year's Resolution is to spend a lot less time on the computer, especially FaceBook, and spend all that extra time doing creative things around the house and building better relationships!

  • Pay off current credit card and do not, DO NOT, acquire any additional cc debt

  • Being an avid gardener can become a lot of work. This year I resolve to let a few things remain undone so that I can actually stop to smell the roses!

  • Im going to try to be a little more care free this year.  Last year was to stressful....