• Rubylightening

    Well, I've made a start! I've been on three cruises, flown in an airplane for the first time, and I am seventy. I have a few computer skills, hard-earned, I am working on being less dependent, physically, emotionally and every other way on my wonderful children. It is time I got over my fear of being unable to cope on my own and remember the strong young woman I once was

    During the 12 years I cared for my husband after a severe stroke, we became more and more withdrawn and isolated. My own personal life came to a screetching halt. My personality changed after he died. I became fearful and uncertain about every decision. I finally gave up my car and my apartment and moved in with my daughter. Here, I stay in my room, feeling like an intruder on her family, even though no one in her family has made me feel that way. I read and lose my self in my books to cope. I am tired of escapism and ready to live again. Getting lost in the airport will not discourage me. I am up, up, and away from now on!  And darn that walker! I am leaving it home next time.

  • mmiller993

    Still patiently awaiting for my RealPad prize from AARP

  • bette2day

    I have been on every diet you can imagine since my parents started me on diet pills at age 12. I have done Atkins, Weight Watchers (when it started in the 60's) Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, Nutralife,and so many others. Then in 1983, I had the miracle surgery done, they reduced the size of my stomach -- ah, but the miracle did not work as planned, I ended up with a staph infection which I still carry, and no one asked what my regular eating habits were like or what habits I had. So having been a vegetarian all my life (I am still vegetarian) that money was a waste also.Through the years I have just accepted my size and began using a mobility scooter in 1993 when my knees would no longer hold my weight. I still use the scooter, but thanks to TOPS and the encouragement that I have found in chapter FL100. I am down under 375 for the first time in many years, losing 15 pounds in 15 weeks. I am so very thankful for TOPS and showing me what to watch in my foods and encouraging me to change my eating habits which were skipping all day and then eating a big meal before bedtime. My next goal will be 10 pounds in the first quarter of 2015. My doctor is being realistic and I am thankful for her too. May God bless each of us and may we all have a good year.

  • ladydi413

    I am a beginner gardener and read an article about getting the most out of your garden bounty by following the Farmer's Almanac. I am willing to give it a try to see if it really works. Planting by the moon phases makes sense according to the article. I grow organically (using only worm castings for fertilizing) and hope to increase my produce and herbs!

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  • nrc56

    I have been unemplyed for some time and cannot seemed to get hired due to my age.  Not ready to be put out to pasture.  So therefore I am going to start my own business.

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  • LadyB612000

    I have never made resolutions before, but I think that maybe now is the time to start. So I resolve to not be so closed off from the world outside. I have major physical problems so getting out and about is close to impossible. The only time I leave the house is to go to the different doctors appointments. I want to get out but it's so hard to move and I don't really know anyone around here, with the exception of my Mother-in-law. She is my only source of transportation now, even though we use my vehicle. My husband is always working or on his computer. I have a grown son who lives with his wife and two kids in Alaska, so I don't see them very much.


    Oh well that's all for now. Thanks for letting me vent.



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  • larryjohn

    my wife passed away from cancer 4 months ago today. We were married 43 years. I hope to live my life in 2015 in a way that would honor her and keep our memories.

    I also retired last month after working for 43 years. I hope to live my life in 2015 with many new and exciting adventures. Just wish I had my life long mate to go with me.


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  • grandmajojo65

    Learn how to sew again. I recently retired and had so many projects around the house, that I haven't had time to start the sewing projects I planned. I vow, that by next week, I will get out that NEW sewing machine that I HAD to have 4 years ago. I will learn how to use it and start my sewing. (Haven't sewn since my kids were little).

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  • Patti19064

    I will take classes to be better at my job.

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  • ch8723

    Apply for a new position at work, now the i have my BA. going for it this year!

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  • ch8723

    I would like to go back to school to get my masters degree in library science

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  • dm5664

    To do more of the big 3 r's and that is Relax...Rejuvenate...Restore my body of health by self-healing abilities. Saunas and spas release the toxins in my body

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  • critkaren
    I am going to use my planner better! I am working on a new system using a Midori Travelors journal (so flexible) for:<br>1. Keeping all my pertinent info close to hand ie addresses, birth dates, important anniversaries etc<br>2. Brain Dumps - I am an artist and having my mind be free of everyday stuff will be a blessing - but I will have to work on making it a point to dump, do, defer, delegate or drop each week or more often as need arises<br>3. Plain old scheduling - if I don't write it down in the midorI - I will likely forget to go, forget to take/make or do something that I need or get lost before I even get there<br>4. Keeping track of stuff and things - if you write it down and then keep track with a coding system it doesn't get lost from week to week - so easy to do with the midori<br>5. Archiving - I can archive and index the brain dumps and other info that ends up in these mini books<br><br>The goal is to stick with this for at least 12 weeks, making changes in the system as needed, long enough for,it to become a HABIT and missable if I don't do it
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  • import86

    watch more documentaries

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  • rs358755

    My 2015 New Years Resolution is to once a month on a Saturday or Sunday go for a drive to a new place in Florida and explore it. I plan on inviting my children and grand-children so I can spend more quality time with my family. I have trageted State and National Parks as well a the Botanical Gardens to enhance my mental well-being and maintanin a healthy pysichal well-being. In these travels I am eager to meet new people and make new friends.

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  • bm4366

    make a sweater

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  • mtate70056644

    My 2015 New Years Resolution is to "Try New Things".

    I'll never know what can be, if I never do it.

    I will act on my desire to write the book I keep telling myself I want to write.

    I will do away with the doubt and fear that encage my desire.

    I will start the online Jewerly business that I keep telling myself I really want.

    My 2015 New Years Resolution to "Try New Things" will be small and big.

    I look forward to Trying New Things and spreading my wings.





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  • rd6641

    To live my life to the fullest, as you never know what tomorrow will bring.  After the year we had last year, I don't plan on having any regrets this year.  We have done a bucket list up and have started at item 1 and plan to get at least 10 of them done this year.

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  • dn3327

    Time to confront fear and get off the unrewarding career train. The transformation to entrepreneur is in motion now Smiley Happy


    Fear will fail. Each day willl bring new excitement I've been waiting for. I feel especially blessed to be on my way.

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  • sc5023530

    I am going to listen more.  Not think about what I'm going to say next, really listen when people are talking to me.

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