• cd73769427

    After attempting several times to quit smoking (44 years), I am 10 days smoke free and really don't even miss it.  In fact, after the last attempt and subsequent failure, my self-esteem plummeted because I internalized the failure.  It became such an unconcious habit to stop and buy two packs ever three days to last a week (I had cut down from a pack a day from all the other attempts) and I challenged myself to follow through this time. 


    Watching my mother and my sister die from COPD and emphysema didn't make me quit, but having my first grandchild two years ago has given me more incentive because I want to see him graduate high school and college.  He is the apple of my eye and I will do whatever is necessary to avoid negatively influencing his health.


    After this is conquered, my intention is to socialize more and work on weight loss/exercise.  At 58, it is time for a change and this is my year of abundance!

  • bette2day

    I have been on every diet you can imagine since my parents started me on diet pills at age 12. I have done Atkins, Weight Watchers (when it started in the 60's) Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, Nutralife,and so many others. Then in 1983, I had the miracle surgery done, they reduced the size of my stomach -- ah, but the miracle did not work as planned, I ended up with a staph infection which I still carry, and no one asked what my regular eating habits were like or what habits I had. So having been a vegetarian all my life (I am still vegetarian) that money was a waste also.Through the years I have just accepted my size and began using a mobility scooter in 1993 when my knees would no longer hold my weight. I still use the scooter, but thanks to TOPS and the encouragement that I have found in chapter FL100. I am down under 375 for the first time in many years, losing 15 pounds in 15 weeks. I am so very thankful for TOPS and showing me what to watch in my foods and encouraging me to change my eating habits which were skipping all day and then eating a big meal before bedtime. My next goal will be 10 pounds in the first quarter of 2015. My doctor is being realistic and I am thankful for her too. May God bless each of us and may we all have a good year.

  • richthewizard

    Achieve/attain frequent sexual intercourse this year. May require Viagra, or substitute.


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  • mae22

    I want to be better in health, love, friendship, and in spirit.  I want to make a different to someone and somewhere in my life in 2015.

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  • shellywmf



    My New Year’s Resolutions are:


    1. Complete at least 2 dog classes with Izzie, my Sheltie. And,
    2. Complete at least 1 dog class with Jasper, my husband’s Lab mix.

    I took a 3-week class in December 2014, and it was great to have an activity that was outside the office and home. It also allowed me to meet new people.  I want to continue this all-year, but know it is best to pick a resolution that is attainable, and build on that.



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  • dc6586


    This year I decided that I am tired of being alone. I have been divorced for 8 years and have not dated since then. I am only in my fifites and feel like I need to find a person to spend time and maybe the rest of my life with. I have suffered from 3 nervouse breakdowns and diagnosesed with more then 10 bone/joint and nerves issues and diseases; all within a short time frame which included my divorce. All of these things have caused me to have depression. This year I have decided to get out more, meet more people and in the summer move back to where I was brought up. It is familiar to me and I think the familiarity will make me happier. 

    So far I have gone out with a friend of mine, but have not met anyone special. I am not giving up that easy though as I decided to join a dating site. Scary as it is I need to start dating. As a single parent I did not date, but now that my daughter is getting married this year I figured it is now time for me to find some happiness. I am looking forward to the prospect of finding that special person and to start a new journey. This year the journey and adventures begin.

    Thank you for reading.

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  • rs358755

    My 2015 New Years Resolution is to once a month on a Saturday or Sunday go for a drive to a new place in Florida and explore it. I plan on inviting my children and grand-children so I can spend more quality time with my family. I have trageted State and National Parks as well a the Botanical Gardens to enhance my mental well-being and maintanin a healthy pysichal well-being. In these travels I am eager to meet new people and make new friends.

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  • granzowl

    I resolve to "cool my jets" and my quick-fire temper...and to be a kinder, gentler, calmer person (i.e., less stressed out all the way around!) in 2015.

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  • js35466190

    My best resolution (and one I always keep) is to go to one new place a month. As someone who has been to over 100 countries and every continent, it's harder to find places I haven't been. Smiley Happy


    Traveling helps me grow and I come back home with "new" eyes. I also make a list of everything I want to do in my hometown (current base) and when I'm not sure what to do, I pull one out. There are so many free or low-cost things to do, why not take advantage of them all?


    I also make a stranger laugh ... every day. That spreads joy. The world (and I) need more of that.


    Enjoy your new year -- may it be your very best yet!!!!!

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  • granzowl

    Instead of just "relying on" my long-standing friends, some of whom have moved away from the area, I resolve to make some new friends from whom are now casual acquaintances.  I will take much interest in their stories, interests, likes/dislikes, etc.,  and generally spend a lot more time absorbing what they have to say and have to offer to everyone else around them..  It's not mostly about self-absorption (which I used to get lost in) any more!

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  • Bobbie319

    My 2015 Resolution is to Connect More with my family, friends and others.

    What better way than to visit our country's National Parks. We seem to forget all the

    beautiful places our country has to offer. Our National parks offer beauty, history and nature to all.

    I have visited many so far and aim to visit them all.

    I hope everyone has an opportunity to visit at least one this year.


    Just do it!


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  • tg8488

    2015 is the Year for me to downsize and clear all of my home and life of the clutter that holds me back from moving forward.  It is Great Fung Shui to be free of clutter and the noise it brings to your being.  I resolve to delete and remove anything that does not serve me at the highest level in my life and my spirit.  This means not only physical clutter and unecessary items, but any emotions, defenses, or anything that blocks my moving forward to a place where I contribute to myself, my family and the world. I resolve that 2015 will be the year that I accomplish great progress and completeness in this area!!!!

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  • mariserobertson

    My 2015 resolution is to be patient with myself and the process as I undergo yet another reinvention. Reading Jane Pauley's, Your Life Calling, Reimagining the Rest of Your Life which is inspiring and thought provoking. Also reading John Ortberg's, If You Want To WALK ON WATER, You've Got To GET OUT OF THE BOAT which encourages trust, overcoming fear, and taking risks; also very encouraging.


    Recently moved to a new state, no job on the horizon, no friends yet (except my husband) and once again contemplating how to breath new life into this 57 year old soul. So exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time -- really makes you know you're alive!

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  • Thatgirlsacowboy

    Hi, I'm Amy and I want to make new friends in my area so I stop sitting at home unless I have to run an errand.

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  • granzowl

    I will stirive to talk less, and listen more.  Cultivating friendships by listening and carefully considering others' perspectives is a trait I would like to develop to a much higher degree in 2015.

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  • NancyMess

    During the past few years those whom I've had long term acquaintances have either passed on or relocated.  Within 2015 I plan to expand my interactions with groups to gain new friends to enjoy.

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