• TheaHayes

    I need to spend more time with my elderly neighbors; some of them are very lonely and fragile, and I notice when I walk in the neighborhood that their age is "catching up with them."  Stopping by more often, checking on them directly or by phone, or bringing things by to brighten their day is what I'm thinking about doing, and I've started already! Smiley Happy

  • comptonka

    I have been battling Complex PTSD for almost two years now. I want this to be the year I win. The year I walk among other without constant fear and the year I will use all I have been through to help others become all they can be.

  • mom26as

    To stand stronger this year and have more respect for myself. I love helping my friends and family but there are some that are always taking from me and I just let it happen over and over and I can't do that anymore. I'm afraid it will change me into someone I don't like so I have to be able to stand strong and take care of my self and my household and learn how to shake the No tree and teach some that they have to help them selves. I'll make them stronger people too in the long run.  

  • tc8644

    Going on my 10th year of Paying it forward and helping those in need, 365 days a year.

    You too can help by just smiling at everyone you come in contact with: i.e. Grocery store cashier, gardener, Pharmacy, Walmart Greeter.  By doing so you will spread that smile far and wide all day, everyday.

  • doglover52

    Yesterday my close friend,Marcia had full knee surgery. A week ago,I told her&hubby Dave I would like to come&sit with him in the waiting room,keep him company until Marcia was in her private room,they profusely thanked me. I knew what the routine would be because 11 yrs ago, I had partial knee surgery. In my situation,my co-workers took care of me {I used to work in a hosptial}.

    Marcia&Dave&their sons are my 'extended family members' since my siblings live out of town. The past couple of yrs, Marcia&Dave have done so much for me,this is my way of giving back. Sue

  • tderosa65

    This is the year I turn 50. So,  my resolution is to make a change. I am going to be happy, as a conscience choice. I am going to help those who are less fortunate than me. 2015 is going to be the year that I beat all my mental issues and rise above the ugliness.  I am going to make this the year that I will be all I can be, and spread the message that we ALL are in this together, so LOVE EACH OTHER!  2015 is going to be the year we all come together and make a difference.Smiley Wink




  • jakevon70
    My New Year's Resolution is to start a support group for those who have lost someone to suicide and need to grieve and share their experiences. My Mother took her life due to major depression 18 years ago, so I have first hand knowledge of this devastating tragedy. This would benefit my town and surrounding areas.
  • stmsr2001

    I wish to start a non -profit organization to help dis - advantaged families with children


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  • MsVictoria

    This new year I consecrate my volunteer work to bring dignity through hope to those who have burned all bridges, who are left outside of mainstream means of support and have become or are at risk of becoming homeless.    

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  • gm63148532
    As a former special education teacher, now retired, I am committing 10 hours per week to enhance the lives and opportunities of children with special needs. As communities we need to embrace the positive aspects within these children and stop trying to keep their gifts hidden.
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  • Raylan1950

     I read through many of the entries and soon realized there are many of you who desrve this mush more than I do. I wish you the very best.

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  • lovies

    I want to put myself on top of the list this year to take care of myself.  I want to get fit for once and for all -- eating healthfully and exercising regularly.  I also want to read good books, work toward getting that long-lost college degree, and be kind and caring and serving to those around me.  I know this will be a terrific year!

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  • dc6586


    This year I decided that I am tired of being alone. I have been divorced for 8 years and have not dated since then. I am only in my fifites and feel like I need to find a person to spend time and maybe the rest of my life with. I have suffered from 3 nervouse breakdowns and diagnosesed with more then 10 bone/joint and nerves issues and diseases; all within a short time frame which included my divorce. All of these things have caused me to have depression. This year I have decided to get out more, meet more people and in the summer move back to where I was brought up. It is familiar to me and I think the familiarity will make me happier. 

    So far I have gone out with a friend of mine, but have not met anyone special. I am not giving up that easy though as I decided to join a dating site. Scary as it is I need to start dating. As a single parent I did not date, but now that my daughter is getting married this year I figured it is now time for me to find some happiness. I am looking forward to the prospect of finding that special person and to start a new journey. This year the journey and adventures begin.

    Thank you for reading.

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  • gpennst1

    I believe in making a difference in people's lives whether it is a smile,words or action on a daily basis!

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  • amygearhart

    My goal for this year is to live each day to the fullest, remembering to be greatful for every opportunity to serve God that He gives me.

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  • sc8701

    My resolution is to make it a point to do at least one good deed for someone every single day!

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  • taxmama

    You might think that I mean those in my immediate family and you are partly correct.  But even more think about those around you at every moment of the day.  The guy next to you, the girl that is alone in the hospital room, the caring mother dealing with kids that are not happy.  We seldom care for all those around us and we should as everyone has problems, joys and difficulties.  Just care! Smile! Say Hello!  Make a difference in their world no matter how small or large by just being kind and thoughtful of those around you is all that matters!  Thanks for letting me provide my thoughts.

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  • fancher1201

    I will remember to thank people for the little things in my life.

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  • ep68519745

    The job market is low, and the cost of living is high. Many families are struggling to make ends meet. This year I volunteered at my church to feed the homeless, and low income families once a week at the school auditorium. 

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  • 98Elijah

    I live in a 55 and up mobile home community that I love.  I see some of my neighbors now and then and only know the one neighbor tha tlives to the left of me.  She even left me some roses from her rose garden one day on my back porch which made my day after a hard day at work.  I want to get to know more of my neighbors.  There are over 400 mobile units in our community. The community also has bingo potlucks once a week, food drives, holiday celebrations and meetings at our club house the keeps us up to date of what is going on in our community. I would also like to offer any help to my neightbors that cannot get around and that are housebound.  For example, see if they need anything from the grocery store when I go shopping.

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