they call me nyx.  i've always had a yo-yo weight problem and have been slim and fat all my life.  at this time of my life i am fat again (sigh).  my problem is that i have a bad back.  i've had decompression surgery about 5 years ago and now it's acting up again.  the back problem results in my 'walking funny' or 'crooked'.  now it's affecting my right hip and my left knee.  i think i am a candidate for another spinal surgery but am trying to forego it as it will now involve pins and fusion.  i am going to live through the pain until i cannot stand it.  however, it does affect the types of exercises i can do.  i love to walk and have walked 8 miles daily on weekends and 3 - 5 miles weekdays.  now it hurts to walk down the street.  anyway, today is the first day of my journey.  i have given myself 8 weeks to see what i can do and if i can possibly lose any of this weight.  any helpful comments or ideas will be appreciated, and thanks for allowing me to rant  Cat Happy

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