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The last thing I ever expected life to bring my way was an illness so huge that it would thrust me in to needing a caregiver. It was because of God’s ever-present strength that I was able to withstand what laid ahead and do what had to be done, because this man hasn’t a Hercules bone in his body. It is about sacrifices made, learning the illness inside out, standing strong in your faith, knowing the physical limitations of all involved, researching prior to a doctor’s visit in order to have somewhat of an idea what they were talking about. Being willing to put your life on hold when your care is needed twenty-four hours a day seven days a week. So I want to write the book not about myself but about my wife and care giver letting her voice speak to my heart that I can share the unconditional love that is a life that is abundant.

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Sounds like a wonderful book and one that needs to be written.

Peace to you and your caregiver on your Journey of Days.

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