I run Dachshund Rescue NW in our home since 1991 and over 1100 homeless wieners and mixes placed since then.  We have now placed over 120 dogs each year in the last three years.  I hope to break our best record of 126 placed in one year.  We turn away 15+ homeless dogs a week now and we do our best to retrain and rehome them all each year.  I hope to work harder and help more doggies and families in 2015.


Please find our dog rescue on Facebook for fun updates, daily photos and humor and more free training tips for dog folks.  


This dog fetish has been a volunteer postion for my husband and I since I started the rescue in 1991.  We do this life sucking dog rescue for fun and because we are good at retraining dogs the animal shelters just can't help and would have to put down for being unadoptable.Some dogs playing at the rescue

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