I have a brain tumor that doesn't need surgery yet, and I get blood clotts in my lungs, so I'm on medication.  With all of this and more - I want to still help others when I can.  Many people seem to enjoy causing others harm now a days.  All those who believe in good need to show it.  Be a light in the darkness; that's what I plan to do.  One person I will help is my daughter who has young children to take care of.  I will help her so she can go back to school, so she will be able to take care of her self and her children.  I will also try and show kindness to others, treat people how I want to be treated.

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You have a wonderful attitude as you are facing medical issues. However, being like a light in the darkness is what spirituality is all about. I wish you the very best as you will gain a lot of wisdom and strength as you reach out to others. Take care of yourself too. 

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