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I think I did this wrong originally but here goes again.


My New Years Resolution is to be more POSITIVE!


After being married for 39+ years my former spouse confided he had been having an affair and wanted out of the marriage.  That will be 4 years ago this February.  Since then I have moved 300+ miles to be close to my children - moved from a rural setting into a large metropolitan area - spent 18 months day care providing for my first Grandchild - bought an old house and did a lot of updating myself and have even tried the dating scene a little.


I found I still often pined for my old life which would put me in the doldrums.  I resolved that this year would be different!  I start my day with a positive thought.  Each time I have a negative thought I come up with 3 positive thoughts to cancel out the negative one.  For example - negative thought - if only "anything" - positive thoughts - I am so very lucky to be so close to my Grandsons - I can do anything I want any time I want - I love my new place.


So far so good!  Starting each day posting a positive photo and quote on my Facebook page helps a great deal.  I am feeling so much better physically and mentally because of this change in attitude.

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