Well, I've made a start! I've been on three cruises, flown in an airplane for the first time, and I am seventy. I have a few computer skills, hard-earned, I am working on being less dependent, physically, emotionally and every other way on my wonderful children. It is time I got over my fear of being unable to cope on my own and remember the strong young woman I once was

During the 12 years I cared for my husband after a severe stroke, we became more and more withdrawn and isolated. My own personal life came to a screetching halt. My personality changed after he died. I became fearful and uncertain about every decision. I finally gave up my car and my apartment and moved in with my daughter. Here, I stay in my room, feeling like an intruder on her family, even though no one in her family has made me feel that way. I read and lose my self in my books to cope. I am tired of escapism and ready to live again. Getting lost in the airport will not discourage me. I am up, up, and away from now on!  And darn that walker! I am leaving it home next time.


Wishing you many happy experiences and adventures!





Wishing you good health to do what your heart says. Be true to yourself and share with those that might need you. In giving that's how we receive.
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