I had started a 5 year package new years resolutions plan back in 2012. My goals in order were, 1ST quit smoking and work on paying down debt 2012, DONE. 2ND to quit a very demanding and stressful job and find a new one hopefully enjoyed 2013, DONE. 3RD to take 1 year off from working, catch up with home projects that included painting, repairs, decluttering house, garage, barn, yard any unfinished project and all health issues 2014, DONE. 4TH this year to pay off every speck of outstanding debt. I started this 3 years back and have paid off home, 2 vehicles, all 7 of husbands credit cards and 4 of mine, all medical dental, lowered bills house ins., internet, got rid of land lines, have better cell plans, started a big food storage, started using coupons, paid for christmas with cash. All I have left is small amounts on school loan, 2 credit cards of mine, loan on 3rd vehicle which hopefully paid off 2-3 months, then aggressively save for emergency fund again, retirement, and future vacation fund. I did find a new job I work part time now which I enjoy. For 2015 I hope to have complete freedom with money, time with friends and family I took back my life and time, i gained happiness, contentment, serenity HOORAH !!!!

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