1999  I made a promise to GOD, my Children and myself i would stop drinking!  IT was a rough battle that my children can attest to, if it wasn't for all theire support i would not STILL be SOBER that was and still is my NEW YEAR RESOLUTION FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                   MY children have a new mom and i got a new life



Why do you drink any way ? All it does put you in a different World for a couple of Hrs ! i was raised on Beer in Germany and i dont drink or being on Alcaholic ? Its all in your Head ! I like a Beer once in a while ! I used to drink Beer when i was working after i got home just to relax me from all the Stress ! Just like with that Dop same think ! Why would i spend that kind of Money to make some one else rich ? I can see when its Medical related , but other wise its a waste of Money ! I been retired since 9/11 and be glad iam still alive with out all that ! I had 2 Seizures in 011 & 012 and iam still on this World ! Thanks

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