Hello my name is Linda Gardner and I reside in Michigan,

The year 2014, was a bad & good year for me ,I lost my only daughter to cancer, I had a heart attack cause by stress,blood clots in both lungs and blood clots in both legs. But thank the lord I am 90% better, I am learning how to be less stressful by doing yoga and walking one hour a day.I am taking one day at a time, watching my weight , cooking light, spending quality time with my family.So far I have lost 45 pounds in three months and will hit my goal of 170 pounds ( I am 5'11 and large frame) by the summer of 2015 I hope to have lost the last of 35 pounds. I am know getting my two grandson into the college of their choice,  (one in Texas and one in California) Wish me luck!
































one lives Texas and one lives in California


Praying for u and your already doing better in 2015 for u have purpose and direction and u know what u need to do. God is with u and 2015 is already good for u know how to talk and express yourself.

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