Several years ago I stopped making resolutions because they rarely last very long. LOL! However, I was raised old school, drilled into my head that 'your word is your bond' & if you make a promise you keep it.

So this year's promises are:


1. Get closer to God & back to studying my Bible daily & reading my daily Devotionals. Stop feeling sorry for myself.


2. Get my many health issues resolved now that I have Medical & can go to the doctor. I'm tired of being sick almost every day. Especially dealing with major depression & PTSD so I can 'crawl' out of the 'hole' that I have been in, not wanting to do anything or even talk to anyone. I feel I have nothing to offer. The main benefit is so I can do more for others.


3. Work on repairing many family relationships have been damaged.


4. Be a better friend to my best friend & others in my life.


5. Continue to Pray for others, even those I don't know like the stories I have read here, I know God knows 'who' I'm praying for even without a name. Praying for others is uplifting & healing for your own soul!


6. Get more active & get back to volunteering in my community.


May God Bless Everyone for sharing!



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