I love to walk & be outdoors. My resolution is to walk & pick up at least one grocery bag of cans a day. I say to everyone that these cans goes to my grandkids xmas fund. I love it, & dont mind it one bit. It is making the enviroment a better place, I get my exercise walking my dogs with me too. They help by carrying the cans in a bag attached to their leash. I take them & crush them & store them till the end of year. I then gather them all up & go to the recycling center on the Wednesday before Xmas, and cash them in. Then I divide the funds between my grandkids & fury friends as well. I have been doing this for about 3 yrs. I feel that everyone wins in the process.. 

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green is good and it helps the planet and shows u care about self and others and want their to be a place to live and love.

Love it!! Win-It-All
Go green!!
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