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Curtis Johnson


We needed work done on our home that had been rented out for the prior 14 years.
Our repair and fix it budget was very limited, but we had secured the assistance
of a dear brother from our church. We informed him of the amount of money that we
were working with and the type of improvements we needed in the home. He agreed
to the verbal terms and went to work.

As the work progress I could easily see that Jim was doing far more work than we
had funds to pay for, but I was not worried because we knew that Jim was a quality
person. Right in the middle of our planned projects, the hot water heater went
out. While we were praying and wondering how we would cover this new expense, Jim
was already resolving the problem. While we were at church Jim and his friend went
out, purchased and installed the heater. They nearly completed the installation be-
fore we returned home. They were trying to completely surprise us and almost com-
pletely succeeded. The best was still yet to come.

This is a very condensed story with a very good ending. When the work was done,
we invited him over to pick up his check. I expressed our extreme graditude for
the great job he had done, realizing the value of the improvements far exceeded
the amount of funds we had available.

I handed him the $1500 check, and the next words that he spoke to my wife and me
took me totally by surprise. I was overwhelmed and could not hold back the tears.
It was as if there was a dam of stress and emotions bottled up inside of me that
broke loose when he said, "I dont want this check. I dont need this check, because
God has blessed me. Once again God had demonstrated his care for our welfare.
Jim said, "Keep the check", and for more than two years I have kept the $1500 check
in my wallet. There are times when I show others the check as I share with them
the various ways that God takes care of his children.



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