Happy 2015, everyone! January of a new year is an opportunity to make some much needed changes. In the last few months, I have been struggling with anger and frustration towards a family member who continually disrespects me. Recently I am battling with my need to be right and my need to forgive in order to move forward in repairing an important relationship. Yes, I am holding on to my hurt. I know that. I have not gotten an "I'm sorry". I feel I need that. Not to just forgive but to start a conversation about the situation. I don't need this cloud hanging over me. But I love this family member, who has just come back into our lives after 30 years estranged. So my New Year's Resolution is to put aside my hurt feelings and realize there is always more going on than what was done to me. To find out what is going on with the other person in order to understand instead of judge. To make that first call.


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