In 2013 I was injured during a roberry, and it was undetermined if I would regain use of my arm and hand. Since my daughter could't do it all, my wonderrful friends stepped in.  Until I could figure out what to do they shopped, cleaned, helped me take showers, washed clothes, and drove me to my many appointments.  Luckily I have regained approximately 75% use and can do almost everything myself.  I will never forget what they did for me in my time of need. It was a terrible thing that happened, but I am the luckiest person in the world just knowing I have wonderful friends, and I cherish them everyday. 


During 2015 my resolution is to  drop whatever it is I am doing  to come to my friends' assistance.  I have been driving some of them to appointments, taking them shopping and doing whatevever needs to be done to help them out in their time of need.  They are my priority!! I plan to do this as long as I am able to.  We have a wonderful support network!!

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