My elderly mother got sick in 2012. I was living with her at the time. She had to move out of the apartment she & my late dad put me in when I was 5 years old Believe it or not! I am now in my mid 50's., am the only family member who still lives in this same place. I have not seen my mother since February 27, 2013! This is an emotionally roller coaster ride for me. I am retired and short on funds, but I will muster up my strength to see my beloved mom again, in person. I miss her dearly. I mean how can you not miss a person who gave you a roof over your head, all your life, until almost 2 years ago now? Getting on my trucking boots to another US state to see my mother again, hopefully by June, 2015, , the latest. Wish me good luck on this endeavor, as I wish your lovely dreams come true for you too.
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