Going on my 10th year of Paying it forward and helping those in need, 365 days a year.

You too can help by just smiling at everyone you come in contact with: i.e. Grocery store cashier, gardener, Pharmacy, Walmart Greeter.  By doing so you will spread that smile far and wide all day, everyday.


God Bless you for 'Paying it Forward'!!! I love your comment that even a smile it a way of paying it forward! You never know how a simple smile can change someone else's day. That is something I have done just about my entire life & I'm 48. Through the holidays you hear about people that are paying it forward by paying of lay-aways or paying for someone's items when inline at a store. Until 10 years ago we were in a position to practice paying it forward monetarily such as secretly paying for a tables meal when at a restaurant. In 2005 I was injured on the job & in 2006 my husband was injured on the job. Neither one of us were able to return to our normal jobs. Thanks to changes to Worker's Compensation laws here in California, our income plumeted over the next few years until now where we literally have zero income. We have sold what assets we had & that's what we've been surviving on, sadly that is now running out. We don't qualify for financial aid because we don't have any dependant's under 18 living at home but we are able to get food stamps & medical. Through the past holidays & hearing about the 'angels' paying it forward we both would say 'wow, wouldn't that be awesome'. Well, it did! We live in a small rural town, less than 10K people, we make a weekly trip to Dollar General usually on Saturday's because they have a $5 off $25 purchase coupon good for the following Saturday at the bottom of your receipt. We didn't go the Saturday after Christmas because we had been out of town & my husband fell on the cement and bruised his ribs on Christmas Eve, then on Wednesday New Year's Eve he fell again on cement that was wet from rain, hitting on the same side. He was out of commision so we didn't go on the Saturday after New Years. We were running out of all the staples so we finally went on Monday the 5th. We were runnig short on funds but I had figured out how much we could spend & still have enough to pay our rent. We have gotten to be pretty friendly with the employee's there, they know us by name & that really makes it a pleasant shopping experience. We got to the register, there was a new gal working who is an absolute doll, but after she rang everything up she got a puzzled look on her face & called for the other gal, Judy (we know her quite well). Judy came to the register & Sophia (new gal) asked her "What do I do when this happens?" Judy pushed a couple buttons & the drawer opened on the register. We assumed maybe something didn't ring up correctly & Judy was voiding the transaction.  So I asked "Did we have an oops & do we need to ring it all up again?" Judy had kind of a smirk on her face & Sophia was smiling from ear to ear. Judy says 'No, its okay (regarding needing to re-ring up our order), then Sophia said "Your bill is paid for!" Our bill was $99.97! We both said "WHAT?" Sophia & Judy both said an anonymous person has paid for your items. We were dumbfounded! There was no one at the register before we got up there & no one behind us until she was just about done ringing us up. I started bawling like a baby - and it went on for a good 2 hours! It was a total Blessing, more then the anonymous person will ever know! So, the reason for sharing this long story with you is to let you know that what you are doing does TRULY make a difference in that persons life. Never in a million years did we ever think something like this would happen to us, especially in a small unknown rural town. It reminded me what my Grandma always told me "Angels are everywhere & are watching over you". God is AWESOME!!! May God continue to Bless you so you may continue to Bless others!!!!



Thanks for posting the comment "Continue to Pay It Forward."  I never realized until you mentioned it that even smiling at someone or extending a greeting is a form of "paying it forward." I'm glad to say that I always do that.



I smile even when I am in pain because it somehow seems to make me feel better and no one needs to know the truth of my condition! That will only bring anyone I meet down to my level of existence and I have lived a charmed life so I have much to smile about!
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