I am inspired by my son who is always trying to get me to be more positive (I have health issues).  Also, I always say things like "be careful driving lake road", "watch out for the other guy", and things that are kind of negative in a way....so now I am going to be positive and to try not to repeatedly say these "negatory" type of words and try to heal my issues and enjoy life more with my family, to get out more instead of saying "I can't" for whatever reasons I can think of....Life is too short to not be out with family.

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Good for you!  I, too, have health issues and try to enjoy life in spite of them.  Life is too short to dwell on what's wrong with the world rather than what's right witih the world.  For example, yesterday it snowed.  It was one of those snows (about 1 inch) that covered every tree, bush, etc.  Rather than be negative about walking the dog on possible slippery conditions, I enjoyed the beauty of the scene - and it was breathtaking!


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