Since I have been newly retired I've found that my body has already morphed from a flighty butterfly to a more pragmatic, sensitive moth. Therefore, I find it necessary for me to make the resolution for this year to be the one where I begin some vibrant and constructive changes in my life, and my relationships! I will become my own biggest supporter by making sure I love and nuture myself. I will take time to purge my life of all situations that may cause anxiety or stress. I must pursue the travel and culture that I love more often. And, last but not least communicate my needs to my husband, (also newly retired) and make time for us to get away from it all. I will also devote one hundred percent of that time for us on an intimate level!  This is my resolution for 2015 that I am convinced will set me on a more pleasurable road of retirement!! Smiley Happy

author: April Young

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