The past two years was about scary diagnoses, hospitalizations, and spiraling emotions. Reaching a healthier plateau in January, I discovered that temporarily I had lost myself in the process of good news/bad news. I confess -- I liked that old girl except now I felt like an old girl. I was motivated to dust myself off and rediscover that person. I promised to fall in love again – with myself.

Without wasting time, I made lists of favorite things such as word: joy; dessert: coffee ice cream... I asked friends for one (positive) word that might describe me. I felt invigorated when I heard loyal, funny, creative... I set out to re-examine everything from my values to the shade of lipstick I wear. How am I doing? Recently, my son said, “Mom, you sound like your old self.”


How I know! Quadruple bypass surgery after NO symptoms on 8-23-2013. Still scares me, but reminds me I'm still alive and better than before.

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