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Re: Writers

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Hello everyone,

I'm a self-published writer of children's picture books.

I just published Giggle A Little Giggle and it's about laughter and ejoying the beauty of nature.

I'm currently writing my third book and my second is being published now.

I love to write for children seeing their eyes light up as they turn the pages and imagine themselves in the story is priceless.

Have an amazing day!!

V A Trafton

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Re: Writers

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Not a writer, has always been a dream of mine, but I start something and never finish. Love the title of your series, going to def go to Amazon and start it.
Julie H
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I am now just getting to read the threads from writers.  I am a writer who has self-published on Amazon for the past few years.  I got so tired of romance novels for the under 30 set.  Then 50 Shades came out and I was done!  I put the story that had been swirling in my head for years on paper during my breaks and lunch at work.  Within three years, I had created a seven volume series!  I titled it Fairy Tales for Grown People.  It is about people over 50, even 60 who are vibrant, badass, and sexual without being skeevy.  I am currently re-editing my series, book by book, and plan to re-publish.  I started a Facebook page and posted photos from the internet of people who remind me of my characters.  I would love to hear from other writers, especially those who write romance novels for the mature crowd.   

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