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Re: Packing Tips for a Weekend Getaway

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The one thing I have not seen addressed is medications. My husband is diabetic and I take a few daily meds myself. We take a  backpack with our meds and a change of undies just in case. We also take one suitcase with our clothing and shoes.  The other backpack carries electronics that we may need. We can pack for a weekend in just under 20 minutes.

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Re: Packing Tips for a Weekend Getaway

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If you are packing dress shoes, roll your socks into balls and stuff them in the shoes to make them keep their shape.


For a long weekend away with the wife?  One change of clothes and a big bottle of body oil. ;-)


For a long weekend away with the girlfriend?  Same thing.  ;-)


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Re: Packing Tips for a Weekend Getaway

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My Motto is:  Take 1 bag for a weekend getaway. Ensure you pack the right clothes & shoes for your getaway weekend. You don't want to be tied down with big bags. So, it is good to pack light but take the things you need. An enjoyable weekend should be the main focus. 

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Re: Packing Tips for a Weekend Getaway

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Three pairs of pants and two pairs of walking shoes for a long weekend? I don't think so. Anyway, the space saving tips are ok.  What to wear really is so dependent on what you're going to be doing, to state what should be obvious. Do you need something formal? Do you need hiking gear? Are you going to be climbing mountains or climbing the stairs at Macy's?


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Re: Packing Tips for a Weekend Getaway

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Wow, that's cute, BUT...


Depending on mode of transportation...


Air or Amtrak (limited "free" luggage), I only pack 1 outfit including undies in carry on ONLY. TSA DESTROYED TSA approved expensive luggage a few years, AND dumped 1 stinky outfit worn while laundering clothing (and wrapped in hotel laundry plastic bag) used during the trip, on the other clothes, so had to launder everything again, so no go on checked luggage anymore.


What I do for trips subject to TSA is pre-map the nearest Walmart (or store you prefer) then swing by there on way to hotel or find out when the timeshare trip is to where I want to shop. Then, when leaving, donate clothing to local charity/shelter (every Uber or Lyft Driver I have had the pleasure of meeting has emailed me receipt; after adequate tip, of course, but that doesn't mean that's why they do it; but one can always ask to swing by the charity on the way to the airport / depot); perhaps airports should consider donation centers on site?


You can take a tax deduction (if you qualify at the end of the year).


As far as packing, no matter my mode of transportation, shoes, always at the bottom of the suitcase, in opposite position, then moving up the sides; never next to each other or on top of each other, as shown in the video; 1 of each pair seems to come out mis-shaped and I end up walking with a limp (which is another reason I went with the Walmart solution).


Thanks for video!



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Packing Tips for a Weekend Getaway

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Trying to figure out what clothing items to bring on your next long weekend getaway? In this video, our top secret travel expert lays it all out for you! (Duration 1:17)


What space-saving tip can you share?