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Do you like to drive?

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I do.  As a matter of fact I just returned to St. Petersburg, Florida from my 3rd coast-to-coast trip since last October.  I must admit these trips were paid for by my former employer for whom I was doing some consulting/training work for.  Every time I stayed about two months out in Los Angeles before returning.  I tried to take different routes each time.  As far as interstate driving is concerned my observation is that much of our interstate system is in dire need of repairs and upgrades.  Overall I found I-10 to be one of the best maintained all across the country.  If you love dodging semi-trailer rigs from coast to coast then I-40 is your baby.  I've never seen as many rigs in my life!  In many places it is one nasty highway to drive on.  On many stretches of I-40 all the trucks drive in the left lane because the right lane is so chewed up and rough.  I really like to drive the back roads and stay in smaller towns and there are plenty to choose from.  Not trying to get political but I've found myself, on numerous occasions, thinking how great it would be if we could start spending more tax dollars on our highways and infrastructure and less on endless wars halfway around the planet.  There's lots to see out there....just hop in your car and go see it.