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Re: Amusement Parks for the Whole Family

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We live in Michigan and have loved to take our boys to Michigan Adventure in Muskegon, Michigan on Lake Michigan. Some of the tall rides you are up high enough to look out over the lake and the view is breathtaking. The lines are much shorter than they are at the larger amusement parks. The front of the park is amusement park rides and the back is a water park. Our boys were big enough that we could sit by the lazy river on our beach towels and they would go down the water slides and have fun. if we got to warm, we would get in the river and float around. The kids could always find us when they came back to check in with us. Meijers usually offers discount tickets too!

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Re: Amusement Parks for the Whole Family

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Boblo Island was the best! We never went there as kids but I took my boys there and they loved it. The boat ride was awesome! We always took the ferry over from Gibralter, Michigan. Too bad it closed in 1993.
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Re: Amusement Parks for the Whole Family

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I also remember Bob-Lo fondly.  However, it was closed in the mid-1990s and they sold all the rides.

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Re: Amusement Parks for the Whole Family

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Boblo Island Amusement Park outside of Deetroit is awesome!  I haven't been there for years but you take a leisurely boat ride to and from and have fun, fun, fun!

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Re: Amusement Parks for the Whole Family

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I also recommend Knoebels Amusement Park. Entrance to the park is free. Parking is free. They have many overnite accomodations. You can tent it, or they have cabins, and even little houses at the park.


The pool is an additional price. However we purchased the after 5 PM special and it was a great price. They have many water slides in the pool area and the main pool is huge. 


We camped and took our tent. Only thing I would recommend would be to rent a site with a wooden platform. Ours was gravel and it was somewhat difficult for me due to my physical limitations. One of the cabins would have been better.


They have many free entertainment venues throughout the park. And the museums at the park are also wonderful. There is a carousel museum, a coal museum, and a history museum. They also have a magic show and a comedy show. 


And you can take your dogs! This is an all around new favorite of mine. If you are in Pennsylvania give Knoebels a chance. Its a great family atmosphere.

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Re: Amusement Parks for the Whole Family

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Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio wins hands down.  Although known as the coaster capital of the world (18!), CP also has four kiddie zones and numerous rides for the whole family.  Look for Snoopy and other Peanuts characters, too.  There are also shows, many shops (especially along Frontier Trail), a beautiful beach on Lake Erie, and a wide variety of food options.  [Tip - There is a Perkins Family Restaurant and a TGI Fridays inside the Hotel Breakers, and a Famous Dave's at the marina, in addition to countless food stands and eateries throughout the park.]  You can download the CP app which has ride wait times, maps, and other useful info. Discount park tickets are available at AAA and through the CP web site.


Also on site is Dinosaurs Alive - a walk-through interactive, animatronic adventure with 50 life-size dinosaur in realistic settings (small extra admission fee). Soak City water park a big hit with the kids and kids-at-heart (separate admission or combined multi-day ticket).  


I recommend staying overnight at one of the five CP lodging options, because one day is just not enough.  Benefits include free parking, early park admission, and discounted park tickets. I highly recommend the historic Hotel Breakers which has its own private beach and has just undergone a complete multi-million dollar renovation.  Other options on site are motel-type lodging, a campground, and rental cabins.  There are also a multitude of other lodging options in Sandusky outside the park, many of which have package deals for CP tickets.  


Added bonus:  Gigantic fireworks displays are scheduled for Friday-Monday during July 4th weekend.



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Re: Amusement Parks for the Whole Family

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I love to take my grandkids to Knoebels in Elysburg Pa. The park is in a beautiful location. Parking is free. Entrance into the park is free. To ride you purchase tickets or many days they have wristbands available. The food is good and reasonable. All around I find it to be one of the best parks for families.

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Re: Amusement Parks for the Whole Family

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My daughter and I loved to go to amusement parks. We have been to Kennywood,(near Pittsburgh, Pa), Our personal favorite.  Cedar Point, (Ohio), 4 times love the coasters there.

Hershey (Pa.) nice park good rides.  Disney World (Florida and California) expensive and tiring. So much to see you have to go for more than 1 day. Geauga Lake and Sea World (Ohio), no longer there. Coney Island (New York), definitely a must see.  Steel Pier (New Jersey), don't know is this attraction is still there or not. A few other small parks that were always nice to see and spend a day at.

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Re: Amusement Parks for the Whole Family

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Dollywood: I hear it has great shopping & thrill rides, but because it costs $110 for 3 people/day to get in, I've never been there, and I live within driving distance of it. (That's with discounts.)


I have been to Lake Winnepesaukah, which is in Lakeview/Rossville GA, near Chattanooga. They've been there since the 20s and they added the Soakya Waterpark that gives Dolly a run for her money (it won't take $110/day for 3 people to get in Winnie!). You can get Winnie discounts on Coke cans, bread, and snack packages if you look around, too. Their wood coaster, the Cannonball, is original, too.

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Amusement Parks for the Whole Family

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Looking for a fun way to spend the Fourth of July holiday weekend? Check out 11 Amusement Parks for the Whole Family. What would you add to our list?