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Re: Saving on Food, Hunger

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We take advantage of the special value meals and 4 for 4 specials at the fast food joints. We can usually get lunch for the both of us for under $5.

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Re: Saving on Food, Hunger

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We carry a camping stove ( single burner) so can always use it at picnic, or rest areas to make tea, coffee, heat up cans of chile etc. In motels we use hot water from the coffee maker to make oatmeal if breakfast isn't included. Find a cheap grocery store at the beginning of the trip and really stock up. We also take a soft sided cooler in our luggage so that we can store milk, cheese, yogurt etc when we are traveling.



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Re: Saving on Food, Hunger

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I always get a hotel room with a fridge (even if it's a mini) and microwave.  When I drive to my destination, I pack a cooler with fruit for breakfast & sandwich makings for lunch.  Fruit can be put in plastic containers.  Condiments and vegetables, deli meat, cheese for sandwiches, can, too.  I also bring drinks (including alcoholic ones!) and that saves a lot of money, too.


If it's too far to drive and I fly instead, I still book a hotel with the fridge and microwave (a complimentary breakfast is more important in this case) and find a nearby grocery store and still get muffins or fruit cups (if no comp bkf) and sandwich fixings, just not as many fixings since I'm not taking them back home.  An in store deli is best here so you can only get the amount of meat & cheese you want.  It's better tasting & better for you than that pre-packaged stuff anyway.  You can always go into a nearby fast food restaurant and order a small, inexpensive meal and stock up on packaged condiments for your in room sandwiches Smiley Happy

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Re: Saving on Food, Hunger

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Going where the "locals" eat is usually safe and economical.  Seek out Happy Hour appetizer deals (means eating early though) where appetizers are discounted sometimes as much as half off or served in smaller portions to lower costs. 

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Re: Saving on Food, Hunger

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We carry snack. But, we also take advantage of breakfast when included with the hotel. We share an inexpensive street food for lunch. Then, eat at a highly rated (on Yelp), local resturant. They are usually very affordable. And, we get to chat with locals about what e must see. We have 1 fine dining experience. 

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Re: Saving on Food, Hunger

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I make my own trail mix, as much or as little as I think I will need:  For each cup of cereal, a spoonful each of chips, dried fruit, and nuts.  I use whatever I have on hand for the cereal (Cherrios, Chex, Shredded Wheat squares), chocolate or butterscotch chips, raisins or dried cranberries, peanuts or whatever I have.  So much cheaper than store bought and just as good!

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Re: Saving on Food, Hunger

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Shop online at lots of organic food.  There are discounts on new products and a 2 day shipping right to your door.  It's great service.  I've been with them for 5 years.

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Re: Saving on Food, Hunger

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While traveling we have found so many boring restaurants that often we stop at a grocery store for salad ingredients to fix in the plastic container we have brought with us. For a snack, we have already sliced apples and maybe peanut butter.


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Re: Saving on Food, Hunger

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Eat less

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Saving on Food, Hunger

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I always carry granola bars.  You can get them cheap on sale.  They are considered sealed packages.  You can eat them on our lovely no food airline flights with U.S. carriers.  You can pull them out while driving (actually pull over first)  without having to make a snack stop.  You can eat them while standing in long lines for attractions; no littering please.

     I also love lemonade "straws" to pour into plain bottles of water or to give a new flavor to plain cream cheese for bagels, crackers, etc. 

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